Melson Park/Three Rivers Trail

Three Rivers Trail

Designated a National Recreation Trail in 2007, the Three Rivers Trail follows the former Chicago-Northwestern rail line. All of its 36 railway bridges remain intact as part of the trail. Hop on your bike at the West Trailhead Park located in southeast Rolfe on 300th Avenue and head east through scenic wildlife habitat as you cross three rivers – the West and East Forks of the Des Moines River and the Boone River. For active travelers the trail offers recreational opportunities like biking, hiking, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Quiet observers may also enjoy a special time as they watch a Snapping Turtle lay her eggs on the trail, smell spring Wild Plum blossoms, or listen as a Beaver builds his dam.

Be sure to stop at Melson Park for a brief rest or picnic lunch. Don’t forget to read about the last Indian on Indian Battle in Iowa before continuing east to enjoy the view from the bridge over the West Fork of the Des Moines River. Long distance (serious) bikers or runners may continue on the trail through Humboldt County all the way to Eagle Grove in Wright County, about 45 miles from start to finish.

Location Description and Other Information

Melson Park lies along the trail just off Pilot Creek Road 4 miles east of Rolfe.

  • GPS location N 42 52.520 W 094 51.377
  • Three Rivers Trail, 68 acres-Pocahontas County Conservation Board
  • Bike, Hiker, Snowmobile, Skier, Wildflower, Binoculars, Hunter, Picnic
  • *Please observe posted signs for horseback riding (Humboldt County only) and hunting (Pocahontas County only).

Educational Activity

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